Bompton's Finist - Call 'em SK!!!

It’s the one they call SK!  

The streets of Compton California produce, yet, another upcoming talent. Sk has been dominating the mic since 16 years old.  Now, he’s back after taking some time off for fatherhood and family life.  

The reality of dealing with constant death of homies , began to wear heavy. So  SK stepped back from the music industry for a much needed hiatus. When it was time to come back on the, scene his rap game was “beastier” than ever for he says he never stopped creating material in the meantime.  SK takes the hard-knocks of hood life, and masters bar by bar, with nothing but raw truth and uncut talent.  

Sk ran in the same circles as Compton’s own, Kendrick Lamar. The two grew up in the same neighborhood.  SK as an artist is inspired by Kendrick. 

SK says, although he has a style that stands on its own, he has a few influences that he admires as rap artist. He prides himself in remaining versatile, in a industry of “cookie-cutter” rap artist. Bang a few of his favorite tracks, and experience the sound SK outta Compton CA.